Friday Fives – 5 Half Up Half Down Bridal Hair Styles

There are never enough pictures of bridal hair styles. You can go through pages and pages of photos in search of the one you want but you may find they will all start looking similar by the end of it all. Don’t get frustrated – just take a break!

We’ve found 5 different half up half down bridal hair styles to show how different they can really look from one style to another.


Flower half up half down hair style


Romantic half up half down hair style


Rustic half up half down hair style


Elegant half up half down hair style


Casual half up half down hair style


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Friday Fives – 5 Eco Friendly Wedding Favor Ideas

Everyone knows the environment is important and that we all need to do our part to help keep it clean for the next generations to come. So with that in mind, maybe you’ve thought about having eco friendly, green favors for your wedding?

There are many ideas floating around the internet and many more ways to present them to your guests. Here are 5 of our favourites!


Honey Favor


Air Plant


Apple Favor


Succulent Glass


Happy Plant Bag


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Friday Fives – 5 Amazing Cake Pop Designs

Following on from our Friday Fives last week showing some mini wedding cakes, we’ve decided to share 5 amazing cake pop designs we’ve come across.

If only we could all be as talented as these cake artists are! Enjoy feasting your eyes on these yummy treats!


Colourful Cakepops


Champers Cake Pops


ruffled cake pops


Rose Cake Pops


Chocolate Cake Pops


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Friday Fives – 5 Mini Wedding Cake Designs

Yet another cake Friday Fives post. We can’t get enough of how sweet and cute these mini wedding cakes are – There are some amazingly skilled artists out there!

They may be mini but they have all the flowers or the detailed piping skills that are required to make any wedding cake look stunning.

It’s been hard but we’ve narrowed down to these five (for now) to show how different mini wedding cakes can be from one another and how you can always find one to suit your wedding.

Lace Mini Tier Cake


Simply Sweet


Flower Mini Tier Cake


Pink Mini Tier Cake


Mini Tier Wedding Cake


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Friday Fives – 5 Bridal Nail Art Design Ideas

Nails may not be something high up on your list of things to plan or prepare for your wedding but it’s one of those things that can make you feel special and pampered.

There are so many things you can have as part of nail art and so many designs can be painted. Just take a look through magazines, the internet or even walk into a nail boutique, you’re sure to find lots of inspiration.

Whether you’re into lots of bling or something subtle, here are 5 different design ideas to help get you started.

Diamonte Ring Finger


Black White Pearl


Sparkly Pink


Black Lace Nail Art




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Friday Fives – 5 Different Looks for Lace Wedding Cupcakes

We can never get enough of cakes, desserts, sweets or biscuits here at Beyond Signatures and we certainly never get tired of looking at the beautiful artwork and skill involved in creating wedding cakes.

So as part of our Friday Five round up of photos we’ve come across on the internet, we’ve found 5 different and absolutely gorgeous cupcakes featuring lace.

blue lace cupcakes


Vintage Lace Cupcakes


Lace and Buttons Cupcakes


Butterfly Cupcakes


Romantic cupcakes



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Friday Fives – 5 ways to Display Cake Pops

Cake Pops. Bite sized, gorgeous treats. Whoever invented these should have a prize!

We’ve fallen in love with these little sweets and completely understand why so many couples are choosing them as wedding favors and incorporating them into their wedding cake.

So how exactly do you incorporate these into your special day? We’ve been searching online through popular trends and have found 5 ways to display cake pops for your wedding.

You can modify or combine the looks to suit your own wedding – Romantic, themed, elegant, fun, casual or dramatic, make it your own!

Don’t for get to check out next week’s Friday Fives for 5 amazing cake pop designs.


Romantic Cakepop Cake


Elegant Cakepop display


Thank you Cakepop display


Purple Black White Cakepop Cake


Red Gold Cakepop display


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Friday Fives – 5 Plant Wedding Favors

Have you ever wondered how to incorporate greenery into your wedding subtly? Or maybe how to present them to match the theme and feel of your wedding?

We’ve found 5 different ways to use plants as wedding favors for your guests – from the cute pendants to vases of herbs!


Plant Pendant


Teacup Succulent Favor


Tin Plant Favor


succulent wedding favors


Herb Vase Favor


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Friday Fives – 5 Ways to have Something Blue

There are many traditions surrounding the wedding day and they vary between culture to culture.

One particularly popular tradition is from an old English rhyme:

“Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, A Sixpence in your Shoe” 

The idea was that by incorporating something blue, you would show that you intend to always love and remain faithful to one another.

We’ve found some ideas for those of you who like the idea of incorporating something blue into the wedding but not wanting to be over-the-top about it.


Something Blue Nails


Something Blue Heart


Something Blue Lingerie


Something Blue Shoes


bouquet with blue


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