Friday Fives – 5 Half Up Half Down Bridal Hair Styles

There are never enough pictures of bridal hair styles. You can go through pages and pages of photos in search of the one you want but you may find they will all start looking similar by the end of it all. Don’t get frustrated – just take a break!

We’ve found 5 different half up half down bridal hair styles to show how different they can really look from one style to another.


Flower half up half down hair style


Romantic half up half down hair style


Rustic half up half down hair style


Elegant half up half down hair style


Casual half up half down hair style


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Friday Fives – 5 Unique DIY Wedding Place Cards

Following on from last weeks Friday Fives – 5 DIY Wedding Centre Pieces, we have found 5 sweet and unique ways to DIY wedding place cards.

Just another few ideas to help you save some money and also spend some quiet time on the little things.

Our favorite is the gold leafed Avocado Seed place cards!! Brilliant idea – you just have to eat a lot of Avocados… ūüôā

DIY Avocado Seed Placecards


DIY Cork Placecards


DIY Flower Placecards


DIY Thread Spool Placecards


DIY Placecards


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Friday Fives – 5 DIY Paper Bouquets

Have you ever thought of how you wanted to personalise your wedding? Maybe you will choose certain colours? Maybe you will choose certain music?

How about personalising your wedding by making your own wedding bouquet? You could choose your own flowers, ribbons or even bling. Or why not try paper bouquets? Origami flowers (Kusudama flowers in particular) are gorgeous and simply stunning when organised well.

We’ve found 5 absolutely gorgeous DIY paper bouquet looks that might inspire you:





diy paper bouquets


oragami wedding bouquet


butterfly bouquet


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Friday Fives – 5 Unique Honeymoon Destinations

So we have scoured the internet to find 5 of the most unique honeymoon destinations for those with quirky and fun personalities!


Unique Honeymoon Dog


Unique Honeymoon Chile


Unique Honeymoon Turkey


Unique Honeymoon Netherlands


Unique Honeymoon France


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Friday Fives – 5 Bridal Shower Guest Book Ideas

So you have the big day coming up… Congratulations! You’re almost there – but you will probably have a little (or big) gathering before that special day. A day to celebrate YOU. The Bride to be.

No matter what you and your bridesmaids plan, you know that you will be surrounded by people who love and support you. Photos are brilliant for memories. Guest books are also great for memories and messages from your loved ones. You could ask for advice about married life, date night suggestions or even memories you share. Which ever you choose, in a few years time looking through your treasures, a guest book can provide heaps of laughs.

Here are 5 alternative ways to have a guest book for a Bridal Shower:

Bridal Shower Post Cards




Bridal Shower Advice Message Spoons


Bridal Shower Hearts


Bridal Shower Platter


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Friday Fives – 5 Button Bridal Bouquets

Button bridal bouquets are one of the more modern trends at weddings and they can really show your personality.

They can become amazing keepsakes from your wedding day and have the ability to be passed down through the generations too!

Here are 5 beautiful examples of button bouquets:

button bouquet Pink

button bouquet Purple

Button Bouquet Sweet

Button Bouquet Peacock

Button Bouquet Pastel


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Friday Fives – 5 Eco Friendly Wedding Favor Ideas

Everyone knows the environment is important and that we all need to do our part to help keep it clean for the next generations to come. So with that in mind, maybe you’ve thought about having eco friendly, green favors for your wedding?

There are many ideas floating around the internet and many more ways to present them to your guests. Here are 5 of our favourites!


Honey Favor


Air Plant


Apple Favor


Succulent Glass


Happy Plant Bag


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Friday Fives – 5 DIY Wedding Centre Pieces

A wedding can end up very expensive when you have to add all the little details together – the invitations, the dress, the veil, the shoes, the tie, the guest book, the place cards, the flowers, the hair…you name it, it all adds up.

Why not consider saving money on some things and DIY it?

This week we have found 5 gorgeous and easy ways to DIY your wedding centrepieces, they’re absolutely gorgeous!

DIY Pinwheel Centerpeice


DIY String Ball Centerpieces


DIY Fruit Centerpiece




DIY Candle Mason Jar Centerpieces


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Friday Fives – 5 Amazing Cake Pop Designs

Following on from our Friday Fives last week showing some mini wedding cakes, we’ve decided to share 5 amazing cake pop designs we’ve come across.

If only we could all be as talented as these cake artists are! Enjoy feasting your eyes on these yummy treats!


Colourful Cakepops


Champers Cake Pops


ruffled cake pops


Rose Cake Pops


Chocolate Cake Pops


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Friday Fives – 5 Mini Wedding Cake Designs

Yet another cake Friday Fives post. We can’t get enough of how sweet and cute these mini wedding cakes are¬†–¬†There are some amazingly skilled artists out there!

They may be mini but they have all the flowers or the detailed piping skills that are required to make any wedding cake look stunning.

It’s been hard but we’ve narrowed down to these five (for now) to show how different mini wedding cakes can be from one another and how you can always find one to suit your wedding.

Lace Mini Tier Cake


Simply Sweet


Flower Mini Tier Cake


Pink Mini Tier Cake


Mini Tier Wedding Cake


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Friday Fives – 5 Bridal Nail Art Design Ideas

Nails may not be something high up on your list of things to plan or prepare for your wedding but it’s one of those things that can make you feel special and pampered.

There are so many things you can have as part of nail art and so many designs can be painted. Just take a look through magazines, the internet or even walk into a nail boutique, you’re sure to find lots of inspiration.

Whether you’re into lots of bling or something subtle, here are 5 different design ideas to help get you started.

Diamonte Ring Finger


Black White Pearl


Sparkly Pink


Black Lace Nail Art




Image Credits:,,,

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Friday Fives – 5 Grooms Tie Options

Let’s not forget about the grooms! Here are 5 different ideas for the groom or groomsmen ties.

Ranging from the completely personalised tie with the bride and grooms faces printed on it to the classy bow tie. From the geeky Avengers superhero tie to the sleek vintage floral tie to the sleek silk cravat…

Which one will you choose?

personalized tie


Avengers Tie


Bow tie


Vintage Tie


Groom Cravat


Image Credits:,,,,

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